Dominoes game

Playing Dominoes game for money

Since the beginning of the Internet era, until Internet platforms and websites appeared in various fields, then the concept of profit from the Internet appeared, which allowed millions to make money through the Internet, and the means for this varied through YouTube channels, and advertising campaigns for products and services through e-mail or Through social networking sites, to online trading, including trading stocks, commodities, Forex (foreign currencies), and finally the emergence of cryptocurrencies.

The needs of fun and entertainment were not far from technical development and the spread of the Internet. Therefore, casino gaming platforms have emerged, which offer the best casino games in the world, the most popular and widespread, where we find traditional gambling games such as slot machines, card games such as blackjack and poker, as well as family games spread in all homes such as dominoes, which is one of the most popular games Popular in Arab countries.

About the game

Dominoes game is played by numbered tiles, each tile is called domino, and this tile is rectangular and solid, there is an inscription on one of its faces so that that face is divided into two parts, and in each section there are a number of recessed circular dots (and may be without points) .

The common domino is the European domino, which consists of 28 tiles bearing the same design and shape on all sides, except for the dotted face and divided into two parts so that each section contains a number of points from zero to 6, and zero here means that it is without points.

Different types of dominoes

Dominoes games, both real and online casino platforms, vary, and while they all use the same numbered tiles in the same way as the dice numbering, the rules are different.

Among the most popular types of dominoes are:



Domino West

Texas 42

Mexican Train

Dominoes game rules

In most cases, the number of players is from 2-4 players, and the standard domino set consisting of 28 tiles is appropriate for this number, and the number of players can be increased so that two sets of domino tiles can be used, and the game in this case is called Blocks, which is the standard and most widespread game, Also there is another type called Draw.

In all cases the goal of each player is to get rid of all the tiles he has in order to win.

General strategies to win the dominoes game

Despite the simplicity of the rules of the game of dominoes of all kinds, the game remains competitive, and there are some general tips to follow in order to win.

Always get rid of high-value tiles. The principle of winning and losing and the rule of calculating points in the game of dominoes depends mainly on the value of the remaining tiles of the losing players. The first strategy you should follow is to put the potential for loss before the gain, and this is done in lightening the load by getting rid of the high value tiles.

Make double tiles the priority in play. Double tiles in some cases are very valuable and holding them causes you to lose more points or widen the difference with the winning player.

On the other hand, playing the double tiles remains the same for the opponents, which narrows their possibilities of downloading other tiles. If one of the sides is 5, and the other side is 5, and you play a double 5, then you are here limiting the play to the number 5 only, but if you play a 5/3 tile, for example, here you have provided more options for the next player to choose between 3 and 5.

Focus on the cards that have already gone down, try or identify the most tiles that have been played, and compare that to the tiles you have.

The more tiles of a number on the floor, the fewer tiles with the same number are in your opponents’ hands.

You can use this strategy to close one of the playing directions to opponents so that they have only one playing direction.

Remember that the tiles are ranked from 0 to 6, meaning that there are 7 tiles with the same number.

Dominoes game
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